Les stimulations intracorticales:


Figure 5. Intracortical microstimulation (ICMS).
ICMS is a convenient way to study plasticity of the corticospinal outputs. Small currents (>100µA) are applied at layer 5, where most of the corticospinal projection neurons are located.

Exemples de cartes motrices avant une lésion et après la récupération :

Figure6 small

Figure 6. Reorganization of ICMS maps in PMv 12 weeks after M1 lesions.
(From Dancause et al., JNP 2006)
A. For each case, ICMS map of PMv DFL (black contour) is shown prior to, and 12 weeks following the ischemic lesions in M1. Top row shows the two cases with the M1cm lesions and bottom row shows the two cases with the M1rl lesions. B. Analysis of the changes in PMv DFL was achieved using a custom-made analysis program (see methods). The total DFL in PMv was reduced in each of the four cases. A change in PMv DFL reported as a percentage of prelesion area.